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About Us

About E9golf

E9golf’s roots are in the “Emergency Nine”, an extra 9 holes of golf that serves as definitive conclusion to unsettled bets, extension of the birdie streak that started on 18, or the search for the swing that left you on 15. It’s an opportunity to drink another adult beverage, talk a bit more smack, start a new press, and thoroughly enjoy a bonus couple of hours with your golf pals.

Our brand is build on a few key fundamentals: Quality golf gear built with an irreverent spirit and a heartfelt passion for the sport of golf.  We are golfers trying to introduce cool stuff to complement your core gear and hopefully add a little style or fun to your game.

We try to partner with brands that produce the highest quality products, and want you to be 100% happy with your purchase.  If you receive an item and it doesn't deliver our quality promise, or you just don't love it the way you thought you would, just send us a note and and we'll send you a return shipping tag for your unused item.  Of course we'd love to know why the product didn't live up to your expectations so we can improve, assuming you feel comfortable to provide some feedback.  

Shipping:  We offer free shipping on all orders as we personally hate to pay for shipping and assume you do too.  We typically ship the same day the item is ordered, but if it comes in late in the day (we are on the East Coast) then it will ship the next day, including Saturdays.  Of course if you need it quickly just pay for expedited service.  

Email us anytime with Questions or Feedback at